Union Point was filled with energy April 4, from 9-midnight students flowed in and out of Union doors enjoying the friendly atmosphere and pumping music of the last Casino Night of the year. The raffle prizes that night were something to be desired—the grand prizes were a 47” HDTV and a DisneyLand package for two. Students held lines of raffle tickets won through luck and determination hoping to win a prize.

Of course, students don’t come for just the prizes but the fun. Students crowded poker and blackjack tables, any seat or spot left empty was occupied by students eager to win raffle tickets. Upstairs, roulette tables spun and dealers let the pebble roll. By Bagel Bros. was a wacky photo booth with outrageous wigs and sparkly ties strewn across the table and floor.

“Casino night is great for the students,” said Auston Solway, a Sun Entertainment employee and freshman majoring in mechanical engineering. “it’s fun, the music is great and it keeps people safe and not out drinking.”

Popular vote of the students puts Casino Night as the top AfterHours event. It is viewed by students and workers of Sun Entertainment alike as the most popular and attended event held in the Union. Sun Entertainment works hard to set up AfterHours events for the student body.

“Working for Sun Entertainment teaches you a lot of little things like setting a stage or taking down an event,” said Solway, “but it all adds up in the end.”

Sun Entertainment is in contact with several agents who recommend event performers. They make sure that no performer is scheduled twice in the same year so students can enjoy a variety of acts and events.

“You don’t often see the same performer twice,” said Mike Rhodes, a 5 year member of Sun Entertainment, “Last month I saw a performer I saw four years ago. It was good to see him come back.”

While students voted Casino Night as the top event of AfterHours, they also find new and creative events greatly entertaining such as last year’s Silent Disco.

The other more popular events are the ones created by those working for Sun Entertainment such as the ice skating event in February. Students Sabrinne Souza and Tamieres Paula loved the idea of a winter event with skating and a snow ball tournament—“it would be fun to try if there were snow."

Another popular event idea was a murder mystery. Students thought it sounded fun and were disappointed that one hadn’t been held this year like it was held last year.

“I loved the murder mystery but it only happened once,” said Brandon Jones, a graduate studying marketing and business.

AfterHours holds fun and exciting events year long, from Casino Night to Mentalists, improv groups to chainsaw jugglers. But the year is over and AfterHours is over so here hoping that next year is just as fun.

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