From the first time I laid eyes on Brent Morrow, the thing that impressed me most was his physicality. Yeah he’s a lanky 6-foot-7, but boy this kid is athletic. During practice drills he never wears down and is the apparent leader on the team.

“Being a starter on the team last year allowed me to grow a lot,” says Morrow. “Coming into this year I knew I was going to have to step up and be the voice of the team since we lost a couple key players to graduation last year.”

A couple key players would be an understatement. The Flagstaff Eagles lost one of the best guards in the state of Arizona in Trevor Johnson, as well as five other seniors to graduation.

But what bodes best for Morrow is that he is only a junior this year and still has more room to possibly gain some more height as well as muscle. To be able to say that you already have the experience of going to a state championship game as a junior is a big confidence boost, and something that can help the team rally in late game situations.

Just from the two games that I’ve covered, Morrow has been the most dominant player on the court from either team.

“Brent’s a scorer,” says head coach James Kirk. “I know what I’m going to get from him game in and game out.”

When the Eagles faced the Poston Butte Broncos, during introductions, I heard a player from the other team say, “boy he’s going to be tough to stop,” as he was introduced, and he was. Leading all scorers with 15 points and 8 rebounds Morrow dominates opponents with ease. He even made a 3-pointer during that game which was surprising.

All in all I believe that if Morrow continues to be a consistent presence on the inside and lead the team, there’s no doubt in my mind that he will be getting calls from schools around the country.

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