Even though my time with the Flagstaff Eagles was very short, it was an experience that I’ll never forget.

I’ve never covered any type of live sports on any level so I had to learn really fast in a short amount of time. Luckily, I’m an extremely huge sports fan, so all of the terminology is just second hand nature to myself from what I’ve learned growing up.

I also played basketball in high school; so I was fortunate in the sense that I could relate to the Eagles and know what they are going through in a tough loss, or a close comeback win (both of which I experienced). This allowed me to craft some questions that I would have loved a reporter to ask me when I was a player.

No matter the case, I was always dead nervous in asking coach James Kirk questions, especially after a loss. Thankfully he was such a kind person, answering whatever I asked in the most thoughtful way. He’s an all-around great guy from what I’ve seen in practices and during the games.

Being in the JLS 231 class was a great way to prepare me for fast pace nature of covering a live sport. The in-class gamer/lead exercises we did were a great way to get all of us ready for a live sport.

Even though my main goal is to go to Law School and become a sports agent or intellectual property lawyer, it would be nice if one day I covered one of my favorite teams (Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Indians, Phoenix Suns) in any type of way. It would honestly be a dream for me.

If anyone reading this wants to become a sports journalist, I urge you to do it. Just from what I experienced from my one week of working with the Flagstaff Eagles, it was pure joy. Nothing can beat getting paid to do something you love and would do on a regular basis anyway without getting paid.

So stop dreaming about it and just do it.

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